The Crowbar Lake hiking trails are about 30 km east of Dartmouth, accessed from the trailhead located at 1800 Myra Road, Porter’s Lake.

Our trails are considered difficult and challenging. They are remote, rugged and wild, with significant elevation changes and difficult rocky and rooty terrain. There are no amenities nor help nearby. The intrepid explorers who do venture here are rewarded with pristine wilderness, inspiring look-offs and spectacular scenery. 

Planning ahead, packing and dressing appropriately, taking safety considerations into account and understanding trail etiquette are essential to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for all.

Trail RatingModerate to Difficult/Challenging
Hiking TimeA half hour to a full day
SignageMap and signage at trailhead and key junctions; colour-coded trail markers throughout
FacilitiesSmall parking lot, no amenities or services (and poor to no cell phone reception)
SeasonYear-round (may be inaccessible in winter except to the most intrepid adventurers)
Suggested HikesTotal Distance*
The Pond800 meters
Porters Lake Loop2.2 km
Spriggs Brook Trail (to bridge and back)5.8 km
Spriggs Brook Trail (to West Lake junction and back)9.2 km
West Lake Loop13.5 km
Salmon River Loop + Lookoff Loop18 km
* Note: all distances start and finish at trailhead parking lot on Myra Road.

Note: Some hikers, anglers and hunters have traditionally accessed the Salmon River Trail and Look-off Loop near Otter Lake from River Drive in Lake Echo. River Drive is a private road, not maintained, and open only to local traffic. There is no trailhead there; please use the trailhead on Myra Road.